Tebian’s Page

As we all know, I’m not the man who started FF Radio. I exist in this area because it existed before me. I probably would have never set this up, or kept it going if it wasn’t for the community and also for one man:

Robert “Tebian” Sharrard

An excerpt from his description of FF Radio:

“Final Fantasy Radio was started in 2007 for the voice chat room of the linkshell RGoNots on FFXI-Sylph. We had 20 slots at first and one page so people could see the song names. Google found that little page and the rest is now a wonderful history.”

I type this, and I choke up a little bit. I wasn’t incredibly close to Tebian, but I did enjoy the time that I did spend online talking to him, watching videos and listening to music. I liked the chat trivia games. I liked the community. I’m about to turn 30, and for about 2 years of my life, FF Radio gave me direction, and in a sense, so did Tebian.

Tebian’s character is what shined through more than anything. On the April Fool’s Day before his passing, he played all The Monkees music and videos for the entire day. He accepted anyone and everyone. The phrase “You are a stranger but once” comes to mind.

But these are just my words, and here’s the rest of the community’s:

– “He was a fun and cool guy. I used to wake up at 7 every morning just to get online and talk to him and do the quizzes that he had. We would talk about Final Fantasy, the weather where we lived at, what our favorite songs were, and life among other things and I watched him play some really good games. He would try his best to make crack a joke and I couldn’t help but laugh about it. I knew he was one of a kind.”

– “He was welcoming. I came much later than the veterans that you guys all know, and wasn’t that frequent but he always welcomed me with open arms each and every time. To him it was more than just being a daily face. It was about the share passion we both had over a common interest.”

– “He didn’t mind how stranger a person is, he made everyone welcome, he replied to every comment I made (Given, they weren’t much) but he indeed was a very good communicator, may he rests in peace.”

– “Fun loveing guy made me laugh was the biggest fan of the ff games”

– “I didn’t get to watch long but he was very friendly and he never held his tongue he always said what was on his mind”

– “His laugh was absolutely contagious. No matter how hard things got for him, he kept a positive “No regrets” attitude and lived every single moment to the fullest. Like everyone else has been saying, he didn’t care who you were. He cared for every person who came by (Except for 12 year olds  ) and made them feel welcome. I wasn’t even a gigantic fan of FF when I StumbledUpon the radio, but he sure made me one. He brought out the best in all of us too. Haha and he was so terrible at video games, but had fun anyway! He would do ANYTHING (even dress up as a uni-boobed female and dance) to entertain us all, his dear friends. The community was so inspired and close because of him. In the end, I think we all learned a lot from him, be it friendship, dedication, love, or loss. Even with a bit of a temper, he was an amazing role model. I am proud to ever have known a man like him.”

– “He was a really great guy and a really great streamer and has a great laugh”

– “Great Guy. Introduced me to Neir.”

– “I miss you Tebian and I love you.”

– “Tebian was very calm about his medical condition. It was an inspiration to me. I enjoyed talking to him about the station and of course FF”


These are words used to describe Tebian, and as you can see, they’re some of the greatest compliments a person could ever receive. Tebian passed away in 2012, and we will keep his memory alive by keeping this radio alive. RIP Tebian, your lasting effect on us is huge.