02 PM | 29 Apr

Want to support FF Radio, but want something back?

Hey all! I know you all love FF Radio, but donating can be expensive, and all you have is my word that the radio will keep playing. I thought we might remedy that:

We’re selling all sorts of stuff on cafepress and all returns will go directly to the radio station. Then you can proudly share your love of FF Radio!

As Always,


12 AM | 24 Apr

Getting Ready for Hartford!

I know you’re all super excited for the Hartford Comic Con! Anyways, we’re going to raffle a ton of things, and (hopefully) have some free stuff, here’s a raffle item to whet your appetite:




Yep, an FF1 cartridge. We’ll do raffle tickets at $1 (come on, it’s more expensive for a water than a raffle ticket!). Anyways, I’ll keep posting things to keep you all excited. Until next time.


- Helk

01 AM | 22 Apr

Site Redesign & Additions!


Hey Everyone!


We’ve made changes to the site! We’ve added some social aspects to it so that we can communicate with each other, discuss things and such. If you registered before, please do it again, we had to reset user info. Let me know if you’re having any issues, I’ll be in the chat.


I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at the Hartford Comic Con on May 31st and June 1st!


As always,



12 PM | 26 Nov

Radio Outage

Sorry, over the Thanksgiving weekend, it appears the radio crashed. The easiest way to prevent this is to keep a better eye on it, and to also start having DJs be able to access it. Konso will be one of the first, and we’ll go from there.

Sorry again!